The proposals of the day

Valtellina Bresaola rolls

Bresaola of Valtellina rolls with caprino cheese, pistachios crumble, mint, accompanied with parmigiano reggiano rockets and balsamic vinegar glaze. | 11

Burrata and Cantabrian anchovies

Burratina of Gioia del Colle garnished with Cigliegini cherry tomatoes and Cantabrian anchovies |10


Crostone Bologna

Crispy Bread croutons with EVO oil, salt, pistachio cream, Bologna IGP mortadella, stracciatella cheese and pistachio crumble | 8.00

Crostone Vinoteca

Crispy Bread croutons with EVO oil, salt, pepper, Emilia lard and red onion jam | 8.00

Crostone Primavera

Crispy Bread croutons with EVO oil, salt, fresh tomatoes, ricotta cheese cream with mint | 7.00

Crudo e Burratina

Parma ham, Burrata (spun-curd cheese from Puglia), cherry tomatoes confit extra, olives from Cerignola, basil | 12,00

Carpaccio of Black angus

Black angus , with slices grilled mixed vegetable fine cutted, EVO oil and mixed aromatic herbs | 13

Carne salada from Trentino Alto Adige

Carpaccio of spicy cow meat with asparagus cream, almonds petals and rocket salad | 12

Boards with cold cuts and cheeses

Board size € 14,00 X1P | € 26,00 X2P | € 33,00 X3P | €40,00 X4P

ALONG THE VIA EMILIA (local cold cuts and cheese) – Parma Ham, Mortadella of Bologna, Local Salami, Ciccioli of Bologna, Sweet pecorino cheese of Colli Bolognesi, Parmigiano Reggiano 24 month aged, mixed sauces and jam

COLD CUTS AND CHEESE TASTING – Cold cuts from all Italian regions e cheese (Fresh and/or aged) with mixed sauces and jam

MIXED CHEESE TASTING – Mix di formaggi freschi e/o stagionati dalla dispensa della Vinoteca con salsine e marmellate abbinate.

COLD CUTS OF ITALY – Cold cuts from all Italian regions, olives of Cerignola, mixed pickles

Tigelle di Zocca

Add Tigelle of Zocca to your board, a tipical type of bread ideal for cold cuts and cheese (for person) | 3,00

Pasta and main course

Tagliatelle with ragù of boar meat

Tagliatelle with ragù, made with boar meat and black salt of Cipro | 12

Purple Mammoli

Gnocchi of purple potatoes with a cheese cream (four different types), garnished with crumble of nuts and parmigiano reggiano in scales | 13

Le Tartare

Cuneo – The classic

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with Taggiasca olives, Dijon mustard, Lilliput capers, gherkins, EVO oil of Puglia | 16,00

Vercelli – for those who dare!

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with small grilled artichokes, chopped grilled peppers, anchovy filets from Aspra Sicily, EVO oil of Puglia|18,00

Biella – Soft and Sweet

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with rocket, red onions confit flavored with balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes confit confit extra, green sauce, EVO oil of Puglia| 17,00

Mediterranea – Fine and Delicate

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with Taggiasca olives, Tomato concassé, Buffalo Mozzarella of Campania (D.O.P.), Pesto Genovese and EVO oil of Puglia | 18,00

Alla Bombaci – raw and naked for the really lovers

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with pepper, aromatic salts and lemon on a side | 14,00

Tricolore – Duoble pleasure

Double layer of “Fassona piemontese” raw meat with Burrata (spun-curd cheese from Puglia) and bolognese green sauce inside. Outside fresh tomatoes and crispy waffle of Parmigiano Reggiano | 18,00

Red Smoke – the smoked pleasure

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with Parmigiano Reggiamo 30 month aged, Balsamic vinegar of Modena, Red Smoked salt. It’s smoked at the table with Hickory wood. | 19,00

Hot Delicacies


Potato gratin pie, Speck, mushrooms, rocket salad, mustard souce.| 11


Savoury pie with baked ham, smoked Scamorza cheese, rocket, chopped grilled vegetables. | 13

Italian Enoteca classic desserts

Cantucci e Vin Santo from Chianti

Handmade Cantucci (tipical Tuscany cookies) From Prato, Vin santo from Chianti or a glass of sweet wine from the selection (the price could change in order to fit the choosed wine) | 8,50

Rum and Chocolates selection

Tasting experience consisting of a glass of Rum from the Vinoteca selection, paired with five different dark chocolates (the price could change in order to fit the choosed rum) | 9

Classic Dessert

Chocolate salami

Chocolate salami (fridge cookies cake) with chantilly cream and a Tuscany tipical cookie soaked in Porto Wine | 6

Caribbean custard

*Catalan custard with agricultural rum (flambè) | 6,50

Il “Bicchierino” with custard

Crumbled cookies, custard and fresh wild berries | 6,00

*Chocolate Truffle with coffee

Ice cream, handmade coffee by a local roaster with rhum agricol and orange peel | 6,00

*Never Without Chocolate!

*Small chocolate cake with liquid hot chocolate inside and chantilly cream on a side | 6,00

Covered, bread and everything that makes the Vinoteca of Bologna special | 2,5

Substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances: for any information on substances and allergens ask service personnel.

*Frozen product