Vinoteca Summer Menù


The proposals of the day

Black Angus Bresaola rolls

Black Angus bresaola rolls with caprino cheese, pistachios crumble, mint, accompanied with parmigiano reggiano rockets and balsamic vinegar glaze. | 11

Burrata and Cantabrian anchovies

Burratina of Gioia del Colle garnished with Cigliegini cherry tomatoes and Cantabrian anchovies |10


Crostone Bologna

Crispy Bread croutons with EVO oil, salt, pistachio cream, Bologna IGP mortadella, stracciatella cheese and pistachio crumble | 8.00

Crostone Vinoteca

Crispy Bread croutons with EVO oil, salt, pepper, Emilia lard and red onion jam | 8.00

Crostone Primavera

Crispy Bread croutons with EVO oil, salt, fresh tomatoes, ricotta cheese cream with mint | 7.00

Crudo e Burratina

Parma ham, Burrata (spun-curd cheese from Puglia), cherry tomatoes confit extra, olives from Cerignola, basil | 12,00

Black angus bresaola

Black angus bresaola, with slices of Champignon mushrooms, flakes of red cow Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, rocket salad and citronette | 12

Boards with cold cuts and cheeses

Board size € 13,00 X1P | € 24,00 X2P | € 32,00 X3P | €40,00 X4P

ALONG THE VIA EMILIA (local cold cuts and cheese) – Parma Ham, Mortadella of Bologna, Local Salami, Ciccioli of Bologna, Sweet pecorino cheese of Colli Bolognesi, Parmigiano Reggiano 24 month aged, mixed sauces and jam

COLD CUTS AND CHEESE TASTING – Cold cuts from all Italian regions e cheese (Fresh and/or aged) with mixed sauces and jam

MIXED CHEESE TASTING – Mix di formaggi freschi e/o stagionati dalla dispensa della Vinoteca con salsine e marmellate abbinate.

COLD CUTS OF ITALY – Cold cuts from all Italian regions, olives of Cerignola, mixed pickles

Tigelle di Zocca

Add Tigelle of Zocca to your board, a tipical type of bread ideal for cold cuts and cheese (for person) | 3,00

Pasta and main course

Gnocchi with a boar meat ragù

Gnocchi with ragù, made with boar meat | 12

Tagliatelle with South flavors

Tagliatelle, artichoke cream, Cantabrian anchovies and mixed berries | 13

Le Tartare

Cuneo – The classic

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with Taggiasca olives, Dijon mustard, Lilliput capers, gherkins, EVO oil of Puglia | 16,00

Vercelli – for those who dare!

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with small grilled artichokes, chopped grilled peppers, anchovy filets from Aspra Sicily, EVO oil of Puglia|18,00

Biella – Soft and Sweet

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with rocket, red onions confit flavored with balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes confit confit extra, green sauce, EVO oil of Puglia| 17,00

Mediterranea – Fine and Delicate

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with Taggiasca olives, Tomato concassé, Buffalo Mozzarella of Campania (D.O.P.), Pesto Genovese and EVO oil of Puglia | 18,00

Alla Bombaci – raw and naked for the really lovers

“Fassona piemontese” raw meat with pepper, aromatic salts and lemon on a side | 14,00

Tricolore – Duoble pleasure

Double layer of “Fassona piemontese” raw meat with Burrata (spun-curd cheese from Puglia) and bolognese green sauce inside. Outside fresh tomatoes and crispy waffle of Parmigiano Reggiano| 18,00

Hot Delicacies


Potato gratin pie, Speck, mushrooms, rocket salad, mustard souce.| 11


Savoury pie with baked ham, smoked Scamorza cheese, rocket, chopped grilled vegetables. | 13

Italian Enoteca classic desserts

Cantucci e Vin Santo from Chianti

Handmade Cantucci (tipical Tuscany cookies) From Prato, Vin santo from Chianti or a glass of sweet wine from the selection (the price could change in order to fit the choosed wine) | 8,50

Rum and Chocolates selection

Tasting experience consisting of a glass of Rum from the Vinoteca selection, paired with five different dark chocolates (the price could change in order to fit the choosed rum) | 9

Classic Dessert

Choccolate salami

Chocolate salami (fridge cookies cake) with chantilly cream and a Tuscany tipical cookie soaked in Porto Wine | 6

Never Without Chocolate!

*Small chocolate cake with liquid hot chocolate inside and chantilly cream on a side | 6,50

Il “Bicchierino” with custard

Crumbled cookies, custard and fresh wild berries| 6

Il “Bicchierino” with chocolate

Crumbled cookies, chocolate cream and whipped Cream | 6

Covered, bread and everything that makes the Vinoteca of Bologna special | 2

Substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances: for any information on substances and allergens ask service personnel.

*Frozen product